Branding , Graphic Design , Catalogues , Publishing , E-commerce web site design , editorial layout , Digital books design , , Packaging , Web optimization , Web design , Web banners , Advertising
Web design , Graphic Design , Barcelona , SEO / SEM , , Packaging , multimedia , industrial design , Barcelona , editorial layout , Web optimization , Web design , Photography , Advertising
Catalogues , Graphic Design , Packaging , Branding , Barcelona , Web optimization , editorial layout , , Web design , Photography , SEO / SEM
Branding , Graphic Design , Catalogues , Web optimization , E-commerce web site design , Barcelona , editorial layout , Web design , , Packaging
MADSTUDIO C/ Aragó 56 Entr.4ª - 08015 Barcelona/ 935 278 292 / GRAPHIC DESIGN STUDIO BARCELONA / info@madstudio.es

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/ Clientes

For us, our clients are unique. We love risk and we always try to exceed your expectations. These are some of the clients with whom we have had the pleasure of working:

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Design of brochures, posters, totems, signage, screen design, graphics for exhibitions, illustration ...

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Design of logos, posters, graphics for stands and fairs, web design and programming, digital marketing ...

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Ajuntament de Barcelona

Design and creativity of graphic for event, web design, posters, brochures ...

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Louise Vuitton

Branding, presentations
y diseño gráfico…

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Graphic design, catalogs, rates, web design ...

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Graphic design, creativity, catalog design ...

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Design of corporate catalogs, design and layout of rates, graphics for events ...

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Design of brochures, design and campaign creativity ...

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Asador de Aranda

Creative consulting, art direction, web design and programming, SEO ...

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Agència Catalana de l'Aigua

Art direction, graphic design, editorial design, poster design ...

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Sagrada Familia

Graphic design, poster design, screen design, web design ...

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Ads, posters, catalog design, merchandising, print management ...


/ madstudio

At Madstudio we like to improve on the way things are already.
It's that simple. That's our way and that's the way we like it. We are a creative studio, we are artistic directors, we do graphic design, web design…

Yes, all that and much more. Above all we are a big idea, we are the best way of starting afresh, of making you different, of helping you to change, to evolve, to sell more… All of this thanks to our creativity, our knowledge and our innovation.

At Madstudio we have the right level of craziness to let creativity flow, combined with the proper balance of professionalism and experience.

Come and get to know us, we know how to make you original.
Because as someone once said: being original is not just about being different, it's about being authentic.


/ what we do?

At Madstudio we are a creative team specializing in various fields related to creativity, design and publicity, as well as web design and multimedia.

Each member of our team shares his or her knowledge with the rest of the team, so that we are all a source of inspiration and learning for each other. We share our motivation and our ideas, and a common way of understanding creativity.

Our team are specialists in:

  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Publishing
  • Art Direction
  • Web Design and Development
  • App Design
  • E-commerce web sites design
  • Graphics for Events and Exhibitions
  • Digital books design
  • Photography
  • 3D
  • SEO / SEM

/ contact us

If you need information about any project you have in mind send us your query and we will get back to you.

Graphic design studio Barcelona
Muntaner 111
08036 Barcelona
+34 935 278 292